Top 10 Innovations for 2010

Happy New Year, All!


We’ve been working on many innovations that we’re excited about, everything from very specific product innovations for guitars and basses, to implementing an intern program, to social networking, to visual innovations, and finally uploading a ton of great images we’ve been holding onto.
What are your innovations and aspirations this year? We’d love to hear about them! email us at or just tweet wallpusher.

OUR TOP 10 INNOVATIONS FOR 2010….We are siked to bring you the top 10 innovations for 2010 we’re hoping to bring about at wallpusher this year:

10. A fresh new slideshow of our shop (CHECK!! check out

9. A NEW easy to find blog (CHECK!! we moved from the old site to our new site with more photos and links at just this week!)

8. Super fun pics of guitar products, kitchen products, AND more at piloted just this year…check out our whimsical cutting boards in piggy, kitty and electric guitar, spatulas, rolling pins and more!

7.  Created a network to connect “Creatives” (artists AND musicians) to each other and to gigs. “We must hang together, or assuredly, we will hange seperately.” (Ben Franklin) Find more info at and

6. Kicked off a new year of interns, with manky skills to learn and job references to get, we are hosting leatherworking, woodworking, and videography interns in 2010… find more info at

5. A big personal landmark: Matthew Rogers, owner of Wallpusher is recovering from shoulder surgery to repair damage from being rearended in 2007, also mending is Margot Garrity, Carving and Marketing Intern at Wallpusher whose congenital wrist problem was operated on for the second time in 2009, so here’s to a healthy 2010!

4. COMING SOON: a music night for all who love to make music or just listen and be in community!

3. COMING SOON: easy payment buttons on the website for our products!

2. COMING SOON: festival calendar for  2010

1. COMING SOON: updated pictures of 72 guitars made this summer

Thank you so much for following us into the new decade, we’re so excited to release tons of new innovations in 2010!

One personal innovation I’ve been working on is cards!

Every month i’ve been drawing up something that helps me to remember and appreciate the time that passes so quickly.

Any memories or ideas of what springs to mind (no pun intended) for the months to come, I’d love to hear your input! Here’s my really quick brainstorm (remember, the Boston area has a crazy weather system, hence my weather related ideas, i’m open to others!!) but i’m embarassed at the cliche aspects:

JANUARY biiig snowflakes

FEBRUARY well, the groundhog of course

MARCH shamrocks are so overdone…what about kites?

APRIL rain, umbrellas, boots

MAY definitely daffodils. Maybe a crocus or two

JUNE That’s a tough one…grasshoppers are underrepresented, right?

JULY patriotic USA stuff

AUGUST whales? Starfish….sandcastles?

SEPTEMBER school bus

OCTOBER pumpkins

NOVEMBER turkeys

DECEMBER reindeer

I am a sculptor and painter living in the North Shore. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my original pieces or prints of my original work. I am also available for commission work in nearly any material and subject matter.

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