Wallpusher Guitars look great on paper, in photos and videos; but there’s nothing like holding one in your hand.
Here we’ll be adding to a long list of testimonials about how it feels to hold and play a Wallpusher. If you or anyone you know has something to say about Wallpusher, we’d love to hear it.

We’ll be compiling a list of testimonials not only about Wallpusher Guitars, but also the furniture, home theaters and home remodeling, fine art, and other products and services that Wallpusher has offered over the years. We strive to provide quality in every area, and it’s always good to hear that we’re achieving that quality from the source.


“…adjustable guitar straps offer one handed adjustments in seconds!”

We don’t usually give in to the Facebook crazes, but we thought last week’s was kind of neat, so here it is:

Wallpusher’s definition in the urban dictionary is:    really awesome striped Bass guitar. Light, ergonomic bass guitars that offer more options for the musician. Wallpusher: made by musicians for musicians.

Ergonomic Light Bass Guitars

Guitar Innovations

Guitar Innovations

Guitars and Tools for the Musician

Wallpusher creates original handmade electric bass guitars engineered as tools for the musician to offer more options on stage. Creativity and quality are easier to achieve with the simple innovations that Wallpusher guitars has to offer. Wallpusher guitars give you the freedom to play in a tool that takes account for many of your creative desires. Handcarved, original organic wood laminates that last, higher sound quality and aesthetic pleasure than anything you can find in stores. Available from www.wallpusher.com, take it further with Wallpusher. Wallpusher offers several pre-designed body and neck styles for easy playability, but for the more creative types, we offer a myriad of choices so that you can choose the shape and length of the guitar you’d like.

Guitar Innovations

Guitar Innovations

Wallpusher Proto Bass

Guitar Innovations

Guitar Innovations

Guitar Innovations

Wallpusher Cameo: The BEST Acoustic Guitar Maker of our time Walter Stanul

What’s a Wallpusher cameo?

It’s an interview or special article on an Creative Colleague of ours who deserves attention.Whether an artist, craftsman, musician or designer– our Creative Colleagues are all people with acommon drive, a similar spark that inspires them to create. Contact us if you or other creatives would like to be presented in a cameo!


Walter Stanul is an incredibly famous guitar maker and inventor of the archtop– a jewel who has lived andworked in the Boston area for decades. The work he has done inventing the Archtop Guitar has innovated the way that acoustic guitars are conceived and made.

Walter Stanul Guitar

Walter Matthew and Beautiful Guitar

We Love Walter as a friend, respect him as a great artist, and an innovative teacher. Matthew first met Walter teaching at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, MA where Walter taught guitar making. When Matthew entered the SMFA Diploma Program in 2000, THE oldest fine arts degree in the country, he introduced himself to Walter and showed him the guitars that he had been making since childhood in New Jersey. Walter was amazed, and hired Matthew to help him teach guitar making.

Walter and Matthew share a similar spirit, their friendship is an intuitive one– they speak the same way, passionate about every subject from their art, to their teaching, to the flow of a shop. Everything is exciting to Walter, who says “I don’t know how much time I’ve got left” but is constantly working to innovate beautiful instruments and share his skills through teaching at renowned universities. His teaching talents are praised

Guitar Gallery

Wallpusher has 42 distinct guitar designs.
If you would like to put one of these bodies on hold or have any inquiries about laminatesand our unique Wallusher body shapes, email me at info@wallpusher.com


Well, WELCOME! just moved our blog here from wallpusher.blogspot.com and we’re so excited to be on our own URL! Looked online and found 325 ways to say WELCOME http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/welcome.htm That’s a lot of ways. We’re so happy that you’ve come to visit us, and keep coming back as we update!

Also in Wallpusher news, we have a new slideshow of our shop from a wonderful photographer: www.shylaphotography.com/slideshows/wallpusher

A picture is worth a thousand words, but these photos are priceless!
Wonderful shots by a phenomenal photographer, Shyla, these were from Our first brainstorming session about how to capture the guitars on film….and Look what wonderful images emerged—thank you Shyla!! If you love guitars, wood, music, art, recycled or “upcycled” creations, and gorgeous photos, you’ll love the Wallpusher Guitar Slideshow by Shyla check out Shyla’s blog, which also details her amazing talent behind the lens.

She did a great job of capturing part of the process….and making these beauties stand out. The photo below also illustrates our adjustable strap  really illustrate the adjustable strap’s potential for players…they can be seen online at  our Wallpusher Etsy Shop.
As always, below is part of the team brainstorming…if you’d like to brainstorm with us, or join the team, check out our upcoming events…we LOVE to share ideas and talk shop!We’re also looking for a space where we can host a music night, let us know if you have a space or know of one! Wallpusher guitar innovations: made by musicians for musicians. Handmade basses and guitars of recycled wood by musicians and artists, craftsmen and woodworkers, your Wallpusher is designed to offer more options on stage, more playability off, and helps music making be more fun, more organic, more yours. Wallpusher adjustable straps, guitars, basses and more can be found at www.wallpusher.com, wallpusher.blogspot.com, and http://www.etsy.com/shop/wallpusher Special thanks to our amazing photographer, Shyla, find her work at www.shylaphotography.com she has amazing talent with images and people, and is a talented photography artist we would recommend to everyone! Thank you Shyla for your wonderful work! Thank YOU bloggers (and all who watch this slideshow) keep posted as we update our sites, and keep an eye on new innovations, events, photos, art, music and projects as Wallpusher updates our innovations to the world. REMEMBER: With Wallpusher you can save time, headache, money, AND become the musician, the artist you want to be. With Wallpusher: More playing, more music. http://www.shylaphotography.com/slideshows/wallpusher/