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Below are a few questions that we often hear about our handmade electric guitars and The Wallpusher Guitar Company. If you have others, please contact us.

Q. How long has Wallpusher been making handmade electric basses and guitars?

A. Matthew Rogers, the founder of Wallpusher Innovations, made his first handmade designed guitar in 1991. Read more about the Wallpusher History.

Q. How come I’ve not heard of Wallpusher until now?

A. Wallpusher has been a well kept secret for nearly 19 years. We’ve been building and selling guitars since 1991, but we’ve spent the last few years taking Wallpusher up yet another notch with innovative design, advanced performance technology and excellent recycled materials of the best quality. Until recently, the Wallpusher guitar wasn’t for sale, and so we haven’t done a lot of marketing or selling directly to customers (this web site was new in January 2010). We are growing currently, and want a lot more people to enjoy our handmade electric guitars internationally.

Q. What is a Wallpusher Adjustable Strap?

The guitar straps by Wallpusher have been designed to solve a single problem inherent in every other strap they’ve used: the ability to vary the height of the instrument up AND down during a musical performance. Sometimes a certain section demands more technical work and we would like the instrument to be higher on the body while other times we like the instruments to rest lower and more relaxed. The guitar straps Wallpusher has designed function QUICKLY and EASILY to allow a player to raise or lower the instrument almost instantaneously.
This guitar strap is so simple, so basic – yet so perfect. The price is perfect too. This guitar strap is like no other in that it is adjustable and can be altered during play. Musicians everywhere love the ability to effortlessly adjust the guitar or bass higher to solo and then drop down easily on stage. Light, beautiful, easy to clean, easy to store, not big and bulky.
Sometime you just have to get back to the basics. Sometimes, it’s the simplest design that works the best. Sometimes, all those fancy, additional features offered are just not worth it.
Each strap comes with a tag stating the number in the series, date of creation, and my signature. As always, being a handmade strap each one is unique, and the color and cut may vary slightly.
Please visit www.wallpusher.com for more views.
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, dreams, designs, shipping concerns,
or comments of any kind, always feel free to email us
info@wallpusher.com and we’ll do anything we can to help.

Q. How is a Wallpusher designed differently than other electric basses and guitars?

A. Wallpusher gives options that really haven’t been available to guitar players until now. The major designs that set Wallpusher apart are the thumb rest, the leg hook, improvements in sound, and its ability to be held and played more easily,

Wallpusher guitars are intentionally not symmetrical, and although we have a system and we work hard at it, the guitar we make is really not a mass producible thing.

Q. Why else would I choose a Wallpusher over a bigger name guitar maker?

A. Price for the quality is key; it’s a good value.

As for its playability, and the direction of our prototypes are going, the instrument is not just a source of noise, it’s a meeting point Wallpusher guitars have features that simply were never available before, which give options to the musician in how to play, how to innovate, and how to make sound. Wallpusher offers a beautiful comfortable instrument that doesn’t take advantage of any simple production tricks that larger companies do. Every line is drawn and shaped intentionally to do things we rarely see wood do these days. We see beautiful carvings in museums, but never do we have the chance to experience them in our everyday lives.

No question there are other great custom guitars built by both big and small guitar companies. We think ours is different – giving you exceptional tone, intonation, and a versatility unmatched by any other. We are a lot more interested in making great guitars than making a ton of money for shareholders or owners.

Q. What do people say about your guitars?

A. Visit our Testimonial Page to read what our fans say.

Q. I like to play a variety of music…will a Wallpusher work for me?

A.  Definitely. Wallpusher guitars are designed to be a solid instrument with a punchy solo tone. Maybe the biggest benefit of a Wallpusher guitar is it amazing versatility. Rock, metal, fusion, funk, country, jazz, blues, bluegrass, or any genre you play. Wallpusher body shapes are uniquely shaped to be comfortable in all positions: sitting on your lap, or stretched up high on your chest, or sitting on your hips, this guitar is unique in its adaptability.  One guitar gives a myriad of great sounds.  Wallpusher is marked by a warm bassy tone integrated with a bright clear tone. The features included in the Wallpusher guitar should encourage totally new music, since it offers such a new range of options for the player.

Q. What are your guitars made of? Are you taking strides to be a responsible, green business?

Made of a laminate of carefully selected recycled materials, each Wallpusher contains anywhere from two to twenty types of wood, rescued from churches, schools, houses and elsewhere. Our finish is also organic and environmentally friendly. Find out more about our unique guitar making process, and the careful selection of wood that makes each Wallpusher unique on our Reuse Wood page. If you or people you know have quality wood that needs a home, email us at reusewood@wallpusher.com We love to see your photos and hear DIY stories about wood that you’ve turned into something new. Submit your articles about  reusing wood to reusewood.wordpress.com

Q. I’m always worried that a high end guitar is that going to get damaged easily. What about a Wallpusher?

A. Wallpusher guitars sound amazing, but they also look amazing. One of the benefits of not using a thick glossy finish is that the wood can take some abuse, and some of the scrapes and scratches are going to give it some beautiful character, just as in an old piece of furniture, you can see where it has been used and loved. It’s a tool that should be able to endure playing. Wallpusher guitars are the sturdiest, yet lightweight on the market because of our innovative design. That said, of course catastrophic injuries do happen to instruments on occasion, which can be prevented with our custom shaped hard guitar cases.

Q. How do I order a handmade electric Wallpusher Bass Guitar?

A. It’s easy, choose a body shape and wood laminate that you like, then choose the neck type and scale length. Choose the basic or deluxe electronic setup, and you’re done! Here are the simple ordering steps.

Q. How long will it take to make my handmade guitar?

A. With most handmade electric guitars the waiting list can take months or years. Not the case with Wallpusher. We can get one in your hands, Usually within 4 to 6 weeks.

Q. What do your handmade electric guitars cost?

A. Wallpusher Handmade electric guitars start at $2500 and include a wide range of standard components to choose from. You can also choose additional options. Email us for a quote based on your personal specifications.

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