Press Kit

Our mission is to create products that will not wear out, but wear in, and carry on the character of re-purposed materials. If you would like to interview Wallpusher or collaborate with us, please email

The Wallpusher story has been featured in the following print and online publications:

Print and Online Press

2014 Artist Spotlight on Assets for Artists

2014 Creating a Cultural District, Community Partners Consultants,

2012 Wicked Local, Revitalization Mural commissioned by Beverly Main Streets

2012 Beverly Citizen,, Revitalization Mural commissioned by Beverly Main Streets

2012 Beverly Main Streets, Storefront Art Project

2012 Wicked Local, Revitalization Mural commissioned by Beverly Main Streets

2012 Monsterrat College Blog, Local Artists kick off Art Walk

2012 North Shore Realtors, Remax Advantage Former Bell Market gets Revitalized

2012 Monsterrat College Blog, Local Artists kick off Art Walk

2012 Wicked Local, Local Artists kick off Art Walk

2012 Big Red and Shiny, 20 Foot Santa Exhibition at 17 Cox Beverly Art Walk

2011 Guitars featured on the Handmade Spark

2011 Guitars featured Local Business on Comcast TV

2011 Guitar collaboration with Remy Photography

2010 “Making Beautiful Music” Featured in North Shore Life Magazine

2010 Wallpusher Handmade Wooden Bass Guitars, article by Shyla

2010 Soulfest Gallery Exhibitors

2010 SOWA participants

2010 Fair Trade Bazaar Exhibitors

2009 Professional Slideshow of our Guitar Shop by Shyla Photography

2008 Sound Choices ” Interview Slideshow featured in the Cape Ann Beacon with Matthew Rogers, Owner

2008 ARTICLE “Sound Choices: Matthew Rogers creates works of art with strings attached”  Cape Ann beacon, August 2008

2008 104.9 fm “Northshore Now” (boston to NH)  interview,  August 2008

2008 Featured on the French Blog Guitar Wink

Internships and Private Classes

Wallpusher is offering private classes to students looking to improve their skills in woodworking, guitar building, and art. Inspired by the ancient method of learning through doing, these classes will help you learn to renovate your home, build a guitar, or give you skills you need to carry your art to the next level. Learning from the masters is the only way to truly acquire skills in ancient arts without trying to reinvent the wheel. The take away is not only a product that is made with care and will last a lifetime, but also the skills you build in Wallpusher classes are yours to take where you will!  for current and upcoming classes, and please feel free to Email us at for information on class times and pricing. Click on the picture below for details

Creative Colleagues

Our Creative Colleagues are talented people with excellent skills who aren’t afraid to take the plunge and make stuff that should exist. Check out their pages, click on the picture to the right to see their links.

Are you creative? Run a creative business? Do you have friends who are?
If you’d like us to promote your work, email

Creative Colleague Cameos

is where you can hear about all our latest news, see videos of the making of all the innovative products found at, and also be involved in a live forum of people talking about ways to make our tools, products and toys perform better to improve our performance!

At Wallpusher, we like to learn from other creatives, so we will be hosting “cameos” of these artists, designers, guitar makers, craftsmen, furniture makers, musicians, and more. If you would like to be interviewed or know someone who would be a good candidate, please contact us at, we’d love to hear about your creative ventures!


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