More information about Wallpusher Internship Opporunities is available at

Wallpusher is a private business offering solutions for musicians. If you are interested in attaining the skills to create things you think should exist, then Wallpusher is the place to look. We are flexible, and can work with your school or program to offer credit for this internship, or provide references for future

employment. Interns will be assisting in several tasks at Wallpusher that will help them to learn the more refined elements of woodworking, leather working, guitar making, design and more. The purpose of these internships is to acquaint the individual with the coordination and implementation of certain aspects of skills only made available through apprenticeship to a master. The opportunity of a learning experience with a professional woodworker and

guitar maker at Wallpusher in Ipswich, MA is a unique one. Alongside the creative solutions that Rogers has introduced in his design company are prototypes for guitars that unleash the potential in every instrument. For more information visit Please email with your resume and cover letter if you are interested, please be sure to put “Wallpusher Internship” in the subject line.

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