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Shyla PhotographyHere you can find press releases about Wallpusher, and collaborate with us!

What are Creative Colleagues? For a slideshow of our guitars by Shyla, click the photo

Creative Colleagues are people we admire for their work and effects to “get it out there.” We are now hosting Cameos of these creative people to let you know more about them personally. Here are a few links that we think you should check out:

Shyla Photography

Shyla Photography

She has a wonderful eye, we love the way she uses light in her photography, she captures life so vividly! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Shyla in our shop, her creativity and ingenuity are

invaluable in a tight spot, and she is quick on her feet to find the best perspectives and capture the moment. Her adventures, including a first meeting with Wallpusher, are recorded at

Nutter Sewing

Sewn for you by Mister Nutter

His sewing and screenprints are the very best. We’ve had the privilege of sewing on his prior Singer 3115, which we’ve decked out in gold leaf. We’ve also loved collaborating with Mister Nutter as we brainstorm, prototype and create together– a better tailor cannot be found.

Markteiwes PhotographyMark Teiwes Photography

A really quality documentary photographer with a varied range of subjects and international contexts, Mark is great at finding the action and taking wonderful shots that capture the moment. We’ve been talking with Mark recently about what it means to be behind the lens, and how the artist influences his shots- appropriately, his blog is called markeye.
We had the opportunity to create a photo-slideshow with Mark which was featured on the front page of the Cape Ann Beacon- he did a great job of showing the process of how a guitar is made and blending it with an interview of Matthew Rogers, visionary, designer and luthier of Wallpusher. Check out his slide show by clicking on the photo below

Becky and Bill McGowan Fine Art and Woodworking

Creative McGowans
Bill and Becky are a very creative couple, with their own respective blogs! We’ve had the opportunity to paint and sculpt with Becky in our shop, and to work on guitars, jewelry making, and other projects with Bill. You can view his woodworking projects at colonial corner.We’ve been fortunate to also hear Bill play upright and jazz bass in several settings, he is a very excellent musician. If you love excellent paintings, prints, and beautiful hand sewn bags and other products, you’ll love Becky’s blog, Make it Sing!” We’ve been talking with the McGowans for a long time about our creative pursuits, and we love continuing to see the beautiful things they make.Slide show by Mark Teiwes

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