Reuse WOOD: Special Article on Locust Wood

Where does guitar wood come from?
Historically, there’s been a lot of debate about what types of wood are best for resonance, which woods “sustain” sound better or if making instruments from different woods make different types of sounds.
Companies that now mass produce guitars frequently use plywood, which is wood chips held together with glue- no wonder your mass produced guitar is so heavy! Look out for back problems!!

SO what are handmade Wallpushers made of? We use recycled hardwoods that have traditionally been used by guitarists for centuries, from wood that was previously furniture, houses, church pews, and more!

This post is about some Locust wood given to us by a recycler, Thank you!This is some wood given to us by a friend that has no sign of water damage or rot. Here is the wood before jointing…you can see that it is unique in that it splits straight, and is therefore the wood of choice that guitar makers have used to make guitar parts for centuries

This is a jointer, a machine that gives the wood a 90 degree flat edge

here is the wood after being jointed, or flattened. Gorgeous!!
Now it’s ready to be stored in a humidity controlled environment and stabilize for guitar making!

Thanks for recycling wood with us!

Wallpusher slideshow

Wallpusher invites you to Soulfest 2009!

We will be showing original handmade Wallpusher guitars and bass guitars, adjustable leather straps, and other guitar accessories.

If you can’t make it to the festival, we are selling products online at several distributors, and direct from

Upcoming: Wallpusher at summer music festivals!

Wallpusher has been in the news, the radio, online…and is now coming to a music festival near you for summertime music playing and creating.

Look for Wallpusher at the summer festivals in your area, including Soulfest in Gilford, New Hampshire July 28-31, the Eco-Festival in Ipswich, and others. We’ll be giving out free tips for DIYers on making your instrument help you play better, straps that keep you comfy on stage or off, with easily adjustable heights for soloing, and the dependability of leather and metal.

Wallpusher also hosts music nights for people to try out our guitars, share music, and just enjoy creating together in a free and safe space.

We’d love to see you at some of our events, please check out our calendar at click on the “events” tab, and please email us if you have any questions
at Thanks and enjoy!

Wallpusher in the News Media!!


Check out Wallpusher’s article in the
Cape Ann Beacon


An audio slideshow narrated by Matthew Rogers, owner and designer of Wallpusher Guitars.

Wallpusher was so glad to have the opportunity to integrate music, dialogue and pictures into this audio slideshow of Wallpusher guitars featured in the Cape Ann Beacon.

Here you can see some great shots by our Photographer friend Mark Teiwes of Matt working in the shop, and appreciate the myriad of steps and artistic decisions that a Wallpusher guitar takes.

Matthew Rogers and Jacky Ankeles

Wallpusher is dedicated to freeing guitars
from their conventions. Listen to Matthew’s
description of his journey as a musician,
an artist, a woodworker, and a luthier,
leading to his creation of Wallpusher.

(Photographs courtesy of Mark Teiwes and the Cape Ann Beacon)