Long awaited…the wallpusher blog.
What is wallpusher?

Wallpusher is an independent business focusing on the intersection of the aesthetic and functional, with the purpose to make things that should exist; things that are not only beautiful, but also things that are asking good questions and trying to make new solutions. That whole process is design, is architecture, is art — they’re all integrated.
The design and production that happens at Wallpusher is about breaking preconceived notions, and offering new ways of thinking in tangible products that honor the intersection of the aesthetic and the practical in products that can provide that which we’re all thinking of when we go to find that one special solution.

Local Artist Matthew Rogers and owner of Wallpusher holds The Diploma of Fine Arts from the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, and 15 years of experience creating art professionally. While Rogers has 15 years experience building custom furniture, bookbinding and gilding, he specializes in guitar design and fabrication. Original handmade electric bass guitars and guitars. Great quality sound, prototype neck with better reverberation, custom hand grips for easier playing, higher quality and aesthetic pleasure than anything you can find in stores. Wallpusher is located in Ipswich, MA. Please call 978 500 0495 with questions, or to make an appointment to visit the shop.
Wallpusher was recently featured in the Cape Ann Beacon and the radio show North Shore Now 104.9. You can see a slideshow of the fabrication process or hear an interview with Matthew Rogers if you follow the links below: http://www.wickedlocal.com/gloucester/fun/entertainment/arts/x1001334438
Check out our ideas and work at www.wallpusher.com

This blog could be a great place for dialogue about music, art, or any big questions at all.
To be continued…

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