From its inception, Wallpusher has been a company rooted in dialogue, learning and creative community. For this reason, we make open our shops to people on a routine basis to continue being inspired by people’s needs and to ensure that our products both inspire and provide the very best solutions for our clients. See Calendar for details.

Music Night

Music night is fun event to bring your instruments to each time we complete a new instrument. This allows us to really challenge our workmanship with live music. You will have the chance to try the latest Wallpusher guitar or bass. Here you can also feel the difference of the Wallpusher guitar strap that quickly and easily adjusts to allow a musician to change the height of their guitar in less than a second! (LINK TO THE GUITAR STRAP VIDEO) Bring your music, your instrument, and your thirst for a good time to make music happen. See the Calendar for details.

Products Lab

The solutions that Wallpusher provides are the result of fine tuning through careful experimentation and testing. The quality testing that makes Wallpusher special is focused on meeting people’s needs and for this we turn to our creative community. You are invited to take part in our “Products Lab” events which usually involve appetizers or desserts and more. These are specialized events to test our kitchen products, furniture, home products, and latest prototypes. We look forward to seeing you there! See the Calendar for details.

Outdoor Events & Games

All our products are inspired by a passion for life; this earth is a relative sandbox of creative possibility. We often get ideas for recreational equipment and games and when we give these ideas tangible shape they also need to endure the same sort of rigorous practical testing that our other products endure. Come out to these events to participate in interactive games and test recreational tools to help us finalize our designs. See the Calendar for details.

Art Night

Art night is an event developed specifically for the dialogue of artists, to inspire each other and share our work. Students from Wallpusher classes, interns, and friends from the community come to share their work and talk about how to push our creativity further. Come and share your artistic side with us at Wallpusher! See Calendar for details.