Wallpusher Basses integrate many innovations that help players to push themselves creatively, with comfort and style unrivalled by any bass on the market. Wallpusher has been the focus of radio and newspaper interviews, and also keeps current in the needs of the market with public events for product testing and community involvement. Wallpusher creates original handmade electric guitars engineered as tools for the musician offering more options on stage. Creativity and quality are easier to achieve with our simple innovations. Wallpusher guitars give you the freedom to play in tools that actualize your creative desires.


www.wallpusher.blogspot.com is where you can hear about all our latest news, see videos of the making of all the innovative products found at Wallpusher.com, and also be involved in a live forum of people talking about ways to make our tools, products and toys perform better to improve our performance!

Interviews, Articles & Radio

Wallpusher was recently featured in the Cape Ann Beacon and the radio show North Shore Now 104.9. You can see a slideshow of the fabrication process, read an article or hear an interview with Matthew Rogers if you follow the links below:

North Shore Now 104.9 with Jackie Ankeles

"Where's Wallpusher?"

Wallpusher is a place where things are happening! Check out our calendar for upcoming guitar festivals, exhibits, shows, galleries, presentations, or find us on Twitter and Facebook to find events you can come to!

To find us online, look for us on these sites:

Interns & Private Classes

New in 2009, Wallpusher is offering private classes to students looking to improve their skills in woodworking, guitar building, and art. Inspired by the ancient method of learning through doing, these classes will help you learn to renovate your home, build a guitar, or give you skills you need to carry your art to the next level. Learning from the masters is the only way to truly acquire skills in ancient arts without trying to reinvent the wheel.

The take away is not only a product that is made with care and will last a lifetime, but also the skills you build in Wallpusher classes are yours to take where you will! Keep an eye on our calendar (LINKā€¦to CALENDAR.) for current and upcoming classes, and please feel free to Email us at info@wallpusher.com for information on class times and pricing.